Texas Democratic Party

Activist 101 Training

A great introductory course for new volunteers and for those who want a refresher! Topics covered include, grassroots organizing, staying engaged and hosting events.

2 Reviews

Anti-harassment Training

An important course on the consequences of and how to avoid harassment in your party, club, campaign, volunteer community, etc. by State Representative Mary González.

7 Reviews

Introduction to Digital

Learn about starting your digital campaign with this great training. This course reviews how to send out emails, setting up your social media account and how to set digital goals. Great for candidates, and those interested in working on & with campaigns.

Introduction to Finance & Budgeting

Videos, handouts and pamphlets that review donor prospecting and identification, and candidate fundraising. Also an overview on how to draft a campaign budget.

Introduction to Inclusive Practices

This courses focuses on tools and techniques that help candidates, activists and party members better understand the importance of inclusivity.

13 Reviews

VAN 101

A starter course for beginner and intermediate VAN users. Focusing on: Creating Scripts, Targets & Using Targets to Make Lists, Advanced List Cutting, Sending Turf to MiniVAN, and Creating & Distributing a Virtual Phone Bank.

1 Reviews

VAN Administration (Advanced/Admin VAN users only)

A course for VAN users with administrative access (County Chairs, Candidates, VAN Directors, etc.) on how to add users, troubleshoot common issues and other issues related to the administration of VAN.

2 Reviews

Volunteer & Activist Learning Library

A compilation of materials and resources for volunteers and activists

3 Reviews

Voter ID 101

What you need to know about voter ID for the 2018 elections in Texas

10 Reviews

County Chair Training

Learning Path

Precinct Chairs

A learning pathway for Precinct Chairs and Precinct Organizers that includes: an overview of their role(s); VAN 101 training; and an introduction to volunteering and activist training.

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Learning Path

VAN Learning Pathway

Take our three Voter Activation Network (VAN) Courses in ascending order to make sure you know what you need to use the Democratic Party's powerful voter database.

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Learning Path
The Texas Democratic Party has created courses for activists, volunteers, campaign staff and candidates. We are training the wave and are excited you want to get involved!

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